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Etna Consulting will handle your food safety, quality, and regulatory affairs so that you can focus on what you do best.

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About Etna

Etna is a consultancy with the purpose of helping food and beverage businesses advance in the areas of food safety, quality, and regulatory affairs. We apply the best available science and proven management systems to key areas in food safety and quality in order to assist with compliance and reduce risk. Typical client results include hazard and loss avoidance, less downtime pending regulatory or customer approvals, and better going-to-market decisions. From research and development to microbial essays, Etna Consulting provides the Allied Food & Beverage services you need. We also offer knowledge and information services pertaining to food safety, quality, technology, and regulation, in order to assist clients in generating thought-leading content or in finding successful litigation outcomes.

What Is A “Process Authority?

There are three types of recognized process authorities for food production mentioned in U.S. federal regulations. In FDA-regulated products there are basically two types of process authority, and there is also a USDA definition of process authority for meat, poultry, and egg products.

According to the USDA regulation 9 CFR 318.300, entitled “Definitions”, a processing authority is “the person(s) or organization(s) having expert knowledge of thermal processing requirements for foods in hermetically sealed containers, having access to facilities for making such determinations, and designated by the establishment to perform certain functions as indicated in this subpart.”

Etna Consulting Group has a long history of working with the food industry to deliver technically excellent hazard analysis and consultation on microbial food safety risks. We will not give you a form letter with your product and process specifics filled into the blanks. We carefully assess the details you provide about your production process and formulation. We answer your questions along the way. Our experts are just as credentialed as university professors. We respond rapidly. If you also need chemistry, microbiology, or other laboratory services, we can do it all. We have created a page dedicated to food process authority if you are looking for more information.

The Latest From The Etna Food Safety Blog

“Working with ETNA Consulting has been a wonderful experience for us. ETNA was able to offer expert advice and aided in the improvement of our product testing practices, environmental monitoring program, and general food safety improvements. We will continue to use ETNA consulting for as our Food Safety Consultant.”

Amanda, Director of Food Safety

“The other day we did receive a letter back from the FDA stating that they will review our corrections during their next inspection. As part of the continuous improvement of our programs the team will be reviewing our product qualitative results…”

Scott, Director - Quality Systems

“It was indeed a pleasure to have work with yourself and Company. We actually felt the professionalism and camaraderie behavior of you. I would like to thank you for successfully bringing the project to a close.”

Ronald, CEO

“Yesterday I was asked to give the news to a…group on where we are at with this subject. I told them the news about the log kill our safe process, etc. It was wonderful to talk about it and the team was so happy, proud, and excited to hear the news!”

Tammy, Director of Food Safety

“Thank you Peter! This is exactly what I was looking for. You are truly a great partner. Last night when I called you, you didn’t hesitate. I can’t thank you enough for being there for us during a very intense difficult time!! It would be my pleasure to be a reference!”

Spir, Vice President of Food Safety & Quality

Really appreciate you doing that! Would not have happened if it weren’t for you stepping in. Peter is the best and we will continue to use him throughout our beverage business journey.

P.A., Co-Founder
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