Dr. Peter Taormina

Founder & President

Dr. Peter Taormina has worked in the food industry on microbial food safety and quality for 20 years, balancing applied research with food safety and quality management. To put it briefly, he helps companies produce safe, quality foods. Dr. Taormina has written over 200 process authority letters for regulatory compliance and has designed and overseen about 150 validation studies for a variety of foods including acidified foods, beverages, fermented foods, prepared meals, meats, seafood, and pet food. He has written numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and one book on food protection, and presented often on the subject at international conferences. His focus is minimizing risk of foodborne hazards. He’s worked in this capacity as a researcher and an executive in charge of food safety and quality. Now, he is free to serve others in this capacity.

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Andrew (Andy) Palmer

BS, Food Science, from UW Madison

Andy brings meat industry experience in Operations, R&D and FSQA with Smithfield and Oscar Mayer spanning 28 years. He likes to share his broad perspective, from roles as a Production Supervisor, Principal Scientist, and Vice President of Quality. He is a proud husband to Jolie and father of 2 teen age daughters, Katie and Brooke. He likes to spend his free time outdoors as an avid outdoorsman and fisherman. He is a servant leader with a passion for people, commitment to teams, and leadership by example.


Dr. Andrew Milkowski PhD

Dr. Milkowski received a B. S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He joined Oscar Mayer in 1977 and progressed to become the leader for basic and applied research covering food chemistry, ingredient technology, sensory evaluation, and evaluation of product quality, measurement of shelf life, nutritional labeling and food safety. He retired in 2006 as a Kraft Foods Fellow after 29 years with the company and is now an Adjunct Professor of Meat Science at the University of Wisconsin and member of the UW Food Research Institute Executive Committee.

Andy has been a co-inventor on numerous patents covering meat processing and is the co-author of two publications regarding use of ingredients to inhibit growth of Listeria monocytogenes in cured meat products. . He has been active with the American Meat Institute serving as chair of the nitrite subcommittee of the Scientific Affairs Committee and is a past member of the American Meat Science board of directors.

While at Kraft Oscar Mayer, Andy was recognized with three Kraft Superior Achievement Awards, and President’s awards from both the Oscar Mayer Division and Kraft Foods. He has received the American Meat Institute Industry Advancement Award and American Meat Science Association Meat Processing Award. He has also been inducted into the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame (2016) and the US Meat Industry Hall of fame (2022).


Dr. John Butts

Founder and Principal of Food Safety By Design, LLC

Dr. Butts held the primary technical role at Land O’ Frost the 3rd largest sliced lunchmeat brand in the US for over 40 years. He served as an officer on the Leadership Team for over 35 years. His team at LOF developed the Seek & Destroy Process for Lm control in the early 90’s. In 2010 Food Safety By Design, LLC. was founded to help producers of high-risk products learn how to prevent and manage food safety risks. Root cause identification, Preventive and Predictive practices are key components of the Food Safety By Design Seek & Destroy Process. The Seek and Destroy Pathogen Control Process has been taught in all NAMI Lm Workshops for over 24 years. Dr. Butts received the NSF Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 and was inducted into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame in 2020.


Yoly Tattersfield

Laboratory Manager

Yoly possesses a varied skill set in Operations, Quality Assurance, and Microbiology, within the food industry. She has collaborated with other food science professionals to help food manufacturers mitigate risks, validate processes and meet regulatory standards. She has led food microbiology laboratories, overseeing analytical and quantitative methods aimed at ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety in food products.


Aaron Taormina

Business Development Manager

Aaron assists interested companies in assembling all the necessary documentation for obtaining process authority services and facilitates clients in receiving consulting services.

About ETNA Food Safety

Etna is a consultancy with the purpose of helping food and beverage businesses advance in the areas of food safety, quality, and regulatory affairs. We apply the best available science and proven management systems to key areas in food safety and quality in order to assist with compliance and reduce risk. Typical client results include hazard and loss avoidance, less downtime pending regulatory or customer approvals, and better going-to-market decisions. We also offer knowledge and information services pertaining to food safety, quality, technology, and regulation, in order to assist clients in generating thought-leading content or in finding successful litigation outcomes.

Value to Clients

We offer world-class expertise applied to your specific needs. We can handle your food safety, quality, and regulatory affairs so that you can focus on what you do. We stake our reputation on the quality and integrity of our work. We research the best available science through searching published literature or using conventional scientific methods of experimentation.


With ample food industry experience, years of academic training and achievements, and national certification in consumer product safety microbiology, we can handle your food safety and quality needs. Our experience spans various commodities such as meats, beverages, and fresh-cut produce. Food safety and quality is our key competency, which is available to you.


Partnering with us means you will gain access to cutting edge science, to a useful and applicable knowledge base, and to trend setters in food safety and quality. ETNA is connected to the professionals in industry, academia, and government who set or enforce the standards. We pass this knowledge on to you to help you improve your position and reduce your risk.

“Working with ETNA Consulting has been a wonderful experience for us. ETNA was able to offer expert advice and aided in the improvement of our product testing practices, environmental monitoring program, and general food safety improvements. We will continue to use ETNA consulting for as our Food Safety Consultant.”

Amanda, Director of Food Safety

“The other day we did receive a letter back from the FDA stating that they will review our corrections during their next inspection. As part of the continuous improvement of our programs the team will be reviewing our product qualitative results…”

Scott, Director - Quality Systems

“It was indeed a pleasure to have work with yourself and Company. We actually felt the professionalism and camaraderie behavior of you. I would like to thank you for successfully bringing the project to a close.”

Ronald, CEO

“Yesterday I was asked to give the news to a…group on where we are at with this subject. I told them the news about the log kill our safe process, etc. It was wonderful to talk about it and the team was so happy, proud, and excited to hear the news!”

Tammy, Director of Food Safety

“Thank you Peter! This is exactly what I was looking for. You are truly a great partner. Last night when I called you, you didn’t hesitate. I can’t thank you enough for being there for us during a very intense difficult time!! It would be my pleasure to be a reference!”

Spir, Vice President of Food Safety & Quality

Really appreciate you doing that! Would not have happened if it weren’t for you stepping in. Peter is the best and we will continue to use him throughout our beverage business journey.

P.A., Co-Founder